Research & Development

Research is an entertainment for me


  • My research experience includes, but not limited to:
  • Extensive research experience in design, modelling, and fabrication of nano-optical biosensors (nano-plasmonics), electromagnetic modelling, and medical image processing. However, I would like to extend my experience and research skills in association with your team.
  • Ph.D. research in design, modelling, and manufacturing of nano-metals in a nano-plasmonic devices for the purpose of disease detection.
  • Utilizing FDTD method for modelling of my nano-particles interaction,
  • Hands-on experience with nano-fabrication and characterization methods including Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) and vapour metal deposition for nano-fabrication, and SEM, AFM, DFM for nano-characterization.
  • Strong research in medical image processing including MS disease diagnosis by means of EM-MRF for segmentation of the MRI brain images.
  • Delivering national and international presentations
  • Furthermore, I would like to apply for research grants to extend my research experience, and bring new ideas to Centennial College.




Ph.D. researcher (Nano Optics and Plasmonics:),          

  • Deeply surveyed the geometrical and light factors affecting the plamonic features to design nano-plasmonic structures with maximum surface electric field enhancement and desirable plasmon spectrum wavelength and sharpness,
  • Proposed the nano-sinusoid structures, which presents two hot spots, maximum surface electric field enhancement, tuneability feature with linearity in the wavelength-size relationship
  • Proposed using alumina cap on top of the plasmonic nano-structures to avoid oxidation and tune the palsmon spectrum features,
  • Utilized intelligent methods to optimally design plasmonic nano-structures with desirable plasmonic features,
  • Utilized EBL method for accurate fabrication of any arbitrary profile of the plasmonic nano-structures

Ph.D. researcher, Image processing:

  • Deeply surveyed image processing techniques to find the most accurate method for the application of MS diagnosis,
  • Proposed a new thresholding method, which is called 3S. This method  has less complexity and more accuracy than other thresholding methods like Otsu,
  • Proposed a tissue based EM-MRF method for the purpose of MS diagnosis,

Merge Healthcare                                                    

  • Time variant Feature extraction from lung images

University of Tehran – Iran

  • M.Sc. Thesis: “Speech Recognition by means of  Time Delay Neural Networks (TDNN),  Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 1995-1997
  • Speech compression using Multi-Band Excitation (MBE) Vocoders, Telecommunication Research Centre, Tehran, Iran, 1997-1998