Professional Highlights



I have proven track record in education, research, and engineering.

In addition, I have gained leadership, networking, and team playing skills thorough my long time community based activities.

Teaching activities:

  • Experienced over 15 years in teaching and tutoring in universities, colleges and institutes.
  • Effectively used various teaching strategies and techniques to identify and cover students’ needs
  • Actively assisted students in developing their personal learning style and skills
  • Designed and administered reinforcing assignments, quizzes, tests and final exams
  • Evaluated students’ performance and provided professional feedback to ensure their academic progress
  • Coordinated and tutored students with different learning abilities
  • Developed new program/curricula according to different students’ learning level

Research activities:

  • Conducted strong research in medical image processing and nano-photonics,
  • Hands-on experience with nano-fabrication and characterization methods

Industry activities:

  • 15+ year Practical industry experience at various companies and industries in Iran, Australia and Canada
  • Consultant in upgrading a range of industries
  • PLC and HMI design/implementation/maintenance

Professional Networking:



  • Ph.D. in Engineering, Deakin University – AUSTRALIA
  • M.Sc. Degree in Communication Engineering (CGPA ‘A+’), Tehran University – IRAN
  • Sc. Degree in Electronics Engineering (CGPA ‘A+’), Isfahan University of Technology – IRAN