PEO Election

PEO Election 2019

Daryoush MORTAZAVI for Councilor At Large 


I am running for PEO Councillor at Large open for election on january 18th, 2019.

My continuous long volunteering experience in leading and running professional network of engineers and scientists has inspired me to extend my services to all engineers across Ontario.

I am a Ph.D. graduate in Electrical Engineering with 15+ years mixed experience in Engineering and Academia. To know further about my hard skills please visit my Hard Skills webpages.

I have experience in leadership and professional networking over the past few years, as the founder of IC Association of Scientists and Scholars (ICASS), in order to make professional network of engineers and scientists, and also IC Entrepreneurs Enterprise (ICEE) to foster entrepreneurship in our professional community. To know further about my soft skills, please visit my Soft Skills webpage.


My Election Message:


I believe PEO has to be turned back into a member-driven organization, where all strategic decision are democratically based on members’ feedback, all members have the right to vote in favor or against any new policies. Practising professional engineers are the ones that have hands-on engineering experience need to determine the future of our profession, and guide its regulations, politics, and strategies.

One clear example showing breach of this democracy is PEAK/CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program. PEO has spent a lot of money on this voluntary program, with no specific objective or vision, while this budget should have been spent on enforcement and/or making incentives for industries to recruit more professional engineers. The only use of P.Eng. designation is not self-satisfaction as a frame on the wall. Many P.Eng. holders hide their license because the low job opportunities available, to make ends of meet, so everybody asks “why P.Eng. designation.” What it means to public? PEO has dramatically failed to deliver its mandate, when it comes to enforcement. This is a big risk for both our profession and public safety. With such a big failure, PEO tried to mandate PEAK program in an undemocratic way to cover its failure on enforcement.

Generally, evaluation and professional development is the job of engineers if they wish to maintain their positions, and our engineers from recognized universities all around the world don’t need these evaluations because engineering is a competent job, and not given to anybody. Obviously, this is the employers’ job to make sure about the competency, and PEO is just wasting money and time on tasks at which are not necessary and unachievable to them.

PEO enforces engineers, discipline them but does not protect their profession. There are groups of engineers who are the most vulnerable people if they lose their jobs, e.g. 1st generation immigrants, women, and disabled engineers. These group have to be ethically cared more.

The reason of such a poor turn out in PEO’s election, which is reducing year after year, is because PEO has become irrelevant to its members, and also to the public. It is time to change this vicious cycle. We need to be more involved and turn it over.

I strongly believe that P.Eng’s who are practicing in industry, or involved in education and academia, need to step forward and save our association.

Accordingly, my platform has the main goal of changing PEO’s vision and tuning its mission. While the PEO’s mission is “To Protect Public Interest”, the current PEO administration has forgotten about its 90,000 members! This 90,000 P.Eng’s are the pillars of the PEO,and they are the ones who are actually protecting the public interest, by practising a safe and sound engineering, on a daily basis.


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I stand for a new vision of PEO.