My Platform

My Election Platform


My platform has the main goal of changing vision and mission of PEO. The current mission of PEO is “To Protect Public Interest”, while the members who are the main pillars of this organization have never seen in this mission.

The current mission of PEO has to be modified to include the three following main goals:

Goal#1: Member Driven PEO in policies and strategies:

  1. Revisit strategic plan based on all members’ feedback,

  2. Increase supports and budget for Chapters and their activities.

  3. Stop spending on PEAK and put it on a fair Referendum,

Goal#2: Wise and Transparent Budgeting:

  1. Cut all nonessential expenses,

  2. Reject any membership fee increase proposal,

  3. Allocate bulk of our $20,000,000 budget on Enforcement; instead of advertising,

Goal#3: Protecting PEO Members’ Profession:

  1. Advocate engineers by modifying enforcement and repealing industry exception at the corporation levels to get more engineers recruited,

  2. Incentivize engineers to get PEng licence via expediting the PEng process by waving unnecessary technical evaluations for graduates from recognized universities,

  3. Improve accessibility for volunteers. immigrants, women, and disabled Engineers,

To reach out any of these goals, I have practical and effective solutions, which have been explained as follows:

Goal #1: A Member-Driven PEO in policies and strategies:

  1. PEAK has to be stopped, revisited by members, and put on referendum. A lot of money has been spent on this program awkwardly, without asking PEO members for their opinion and willing. Engineers are updating themselves based on their job requirement, it is not PEO job to investigate it
  2. Strategic plan has to be revisited by all members. It has not been prepared professionally and democratically.
  3. Changing the nomination forms and adding the clause of attesting familiarity for at least two years with the nominee, is another breach of not-considering PEO members’ opinion in decision makings
  4. Changing the requirements of the nomination is another example of not engaging all members which is in process of decision making
  5. Engagement of engineers in policies and strategies should be started from chapters to attract more engineers

Goal #2:  Wise and Transparent Budgeting:

  1. Cut wasteful spending and spend this money on enforcement.
    1. The industries has to be incentivized and enforced to hire professional engineers in engineering roles. This will protect public safety if it is done, otherwise he main mandate of the PEO which is protecting public interested will be ruined
    2. Give technical credit to industries prorated with the number of P.Eng. they have hired, which should be considered in tendering
    3. Granting P.Eng. license designated for a specific engineering area not for all engineering fields, so that one P.Eng. cannot sign all non-relevant engineering documents, and industries will be forced to hire more professional engineers in various area
  2. Cut extra costs to avoid membership fee increase
  3. Cut unnecessary costs and instead spend it on members. This money has to spent on members education, advocacy, and professional networking gatherings with industries, government and academia

Goal #3: Protect Members’ Profession:

  1. Advocate Professional Engineers to secure their job and/or develop their career,
    1. Improving enforcement and repealing the industry exception not only protects engineers’ profession, but also protects public interest
    2. If PEO wants to give this advocacy to another organization like OSPE, this support has to be automatically given to engineers as soon as they get their licence without a need to pay another membership fee. For example CEO (Consulting Engineers of Ontario), is a member organization of the C), whenever a person joins CEO, he/she automatically joins the ACEC (Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada) and (FIDIC International Federation for Consulting Engineers).
    3. The advocacy organization whatever it is (PEO, OSPE, CEOs, others), has to advocate engineers not industries, as it is now!
  2. Incentivize engineers to get their P.Eng. license instead of enforcing them,
    1. P.Eng. holders have to be awarded for their great job instead of being disciplined,
    2. Technical evaluation method to give PEng licence is incomplete and full of flaws, PEO is not able to assess engineering knowledge of university graduated engineers neither though an interview nor a technical exam.
    3. P.Eng. process has to be facilitated and expedited by cutting unnecessary steps in the process like the technical interview and exam for graduates from recognized universities around the world
  3.  1st generation immigrants, women, and physically challenged people are the most vulnerable group of engineers, who need to be cared more by PEO,
    1. Establish an accessibility committee to protect these group of people,
    2. Recognize other engineering organizations of different nationalities and also women communities to involve them in PEO activities