About Me


  • I graduated in Ph.D. degree of Engineering from Australia,
  • I collaborated with University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, and Melbourne Nano-fabrication Centre (MCN),
  • I have M.Sc. degree from University of Tehran (Iran) in Telecommunication engineering, and B.S. degree from Isfahan University of Technology (Iran) in Electronics Engineering,
  • I have been recognized as an honor student during my education, and placed in rank 12 in the Mathematics Olympiad, when I was in high school,
  • I have extensive 14+ year academic teaching experience in various universities, colleges, and institutes, in various countries,
  • Besides it, I have extensive practical engineering experience in various industries as a senior automation engineer,
  • I am a registered Professional Engineer (PEO member),
  • ​I am currently working as a professor in various colleges including Sheridan, Seneca, and Humber Colleges, teaching Mechatronics, Control, and Electronics subjects,
  • I am founder and president of a NFP organization called ICASS (IC Association of Scientists and Scholars)
  • I am founder of an entrepreneurship hub called ICEE (IC Entrepreneurs Enterprise)